The Modern Paintings of Merikokeb Berhanu

The Modern Paintings of Merikokeb Berhanu

You may have noticed that we are not strictly digital and we draw inspiration from the best African contemporary artists, so be sure to check out our contemporary art collection. This week we find inspiration from Ethiopian Fine Arts painter Merikokeb Berhanu.

“I have never tried to communicate my paintings with words; I am always after the forms, lines and arrangement that can express the visual equivalent of my feelings and thoughts. I want the viewers of my work to ‘hear’ what the images have to say through their own power. Sensation can be experienced through elements of art. The life that we are passing through, light, line, the complexity and density of what surrounds us, the thick fog and smoke, happiness and hope, misery and bliss, all elements push me to think and paint. And let my perception be crystallised through visual elements as a form of language.”

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