African Digital Art is not just a platform for showcasing digital art, it is also a space for exploring the intersection of technology, culture, and creativity in Africa and it’s diaspora. Through our diverse range of content, we strive to challenge the perceptions and narratives surrounding African art and showcase the innovation and talent that exists on the continent and beyond.

African Digital Art Network is an international award-winning digital platform and archive. Created, developed and established in 2009 by Jepchumba, the platform has featured projects and artists from Africa and it’s diaspora.

Since it’s inception over 15 years ago! African Digital Art has presented unparalleled ideas, individualistic works and insightful designer solutions by African creative. African Digital Art has became a platform for innovation and inspiration with a sophisticated blend of fresh talent and successful designers and artists. Pushing Digital Boundaries is the tagline that is now fused with African Digital Art’s identity. As we navigate together, discovering new design solutions, artistic expressions, and creative talent, we constantly strive to foster the growing technology-driven creative community that still remains in its infancy.

Our goal is to provide a platform for African digital artists to gain recognition and exposure, while also promoting the exchange of ideas and collaboration within the African art and tech community. African Digital Art is constantly evolving and growing, showcasing new and emerging artists while also featuring established and renowned creators. We are committed to being a leading voice in the conversation surrounding digital art in Africa, and we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and celebration.


African Digital Art is a dynamic field, with a growing number of talented artists and projects from across the continent and its diaspora. With each new project, the African digital art collection continues to expand and showcase the immense talent and potential of the continent and it’s diaspora.

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