Moving Shadows: Girma Berta Captures Life in Addis Ababa

Moving Shadows: Girma Berta Captures Life in Addis Ababa

Girma Berta is a self-taught photographer from Ethiopia who captures daily life in his city Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Berta utilizes street photography combining it with fine art and graphic art.

 Berta’s Moving Shadows series I and II, solitary figures are juxtaposed against vibrant backgrounds, creating truly unique artworks which exemplify the contrasting colours and personalities on the streets of his home town. Berta’s use of digital media, to produce and present his artworks, is in itself a commentary on the digital revolution underway across Africa. He represents the vibrancy of the millennial African.  Berta describes the motivation behind his work as a wish to capture “the beautiful, the ugly and all that is in between”. His images delve deep into the soul of the city, offering his remarkable interpretation. – Addis Fine Art

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