Koumaba Emmanuel Chadian 3D artist

Koumaba Emmanuel Chadian 3D artist

Koumaba Emmanuel is a self taught 3d artist and architecture student at EMAAU in Lomé, Togo.

‘As a kid I had a deep obsession with cartoons. One day, when I was about the age of 5-7, my father brought home a personal computer from work in which he introduced me to video games. Growing up it has become a passion of mine to try to create something similar to the games I played and the cartoons I watched. This led me to learning 3d modelling and sculpting. I became rather good at it and love making pictures with 3d softwares. By the time I finished secondary school I chose to study architecture because it’s the career in which I get to be creative and I could further develop my creative skill. Whenever I have some free time I use it for what I like most, which is making pictures with software. In the meantime I focus on architecture school in which I just finished the fourth year.’

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