Infro by Mehdi Sefrioui

Infro by Mehdi Sefrioui

Fashion photography project by Moroccan photographer Mehdi Sefrioui.

“Brooding eyes against pink woods a heady dream of black skin in fashion, of blacks on the runway. Which, along with his use of composition lure the observer into a longer gaze. A much needed poetic reprieve from the bitch that is reality.”

– Mehdi Sefrioui | Handing a Pink Slip to Fashion’s Black List


Mehdi Sefrioui (b. Tangier, Morocco) is a fashion and art photographer based in Paris. He splits his time between the French capital and Tangier his hometown. Sefrioui got his start in 2010, encouraging his passion for the arts through street photography. Image making is a way to express life. Where in street photography Sefrioui aims to capture the ephemeral moments of life witnessed, through fashion he sees it as an apt vehicle for the imagination, a medium to express the human quest for true emotion beyond pure aesthetics and beauty.

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