Egyptian Illustrator Kamila Bassioni

Egyptian Illustrator Kamila Bassioni

Kamila Bassioni is a freelance illustrator and artist born in 1985. She received her B.A. in scenography from the fine arts college in Egypt 2009. Kamila makes illustrations for books and children’s magazines. Kamila made illustrations for the likes of Kalimat publishing house, Shagara publishing house and Katr El Nada magazine. She participated in several group exhibitions which include: Salon Cordoba for small art works 2011, Cordoba gallery; Youth salon 22nd,24 th and the 25 th , palace of arts; Pulse II group exhibition 2012, Tache art gallery; Christmas group exhibition 2012, Kilcock art gallery, Ireland; North and South group exhibition, Alexandria library 2015; Shifting borders, Baltic gallery of contemporary art 2016, Poland.

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