The Extraordinary Digital Artworks of Puleng Mongale

The Extraordinary Digital Artworks of Puleng Mongale

Puleng Mondale, born in 1991 in Soweto, South Africa only picked up a camera in September 2019. Her love for digital art and collage grew as she explored this medium mostly creating self-portraits. Her extraordinary work transcends just Digital Collage delving into the spiritual realm exploring personal and cultural narratives.

I believe it’s spiritual and healing work. The work uses me as a vessel and forces me to look back on what has been – history – and to also centre myself in the world that I exist in. The themes that I addressed were not necessarily pressing issues for me at the time, but the work took a life of its own and brought new messages forth to me. As a result, the work became bigger than my understanding; hence it’s hard for me to define. The feeling and the context changes with every piece, but the common thread is that I am changed by it, everytime. In the beginning, my collages were more from a style-basis, but as time went by everything started to take on a new form. It became a transformative experience where the universe channelled through me these stories which I then got to investigate. 

BlackLight Mag , Behind the Canvas: Puleng Mongale

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