Nigerian Graphic Artist Joseph Obanubi Motion Experiments with Hair

Nigerian Graphic Artist Joseph Obanubi Motion Experiments with Hair

Joseph Obanubi is a multimedia artist based in Lagos, Nigeria, whose work explores the relationship between Identity, Fantasy, Technology and Globalization. He is best known for his collages which reconstruct fragments found in everyday experiences. Obanubi considers his work to be a visual bricolage – a (re)construct of different subjects taken from their original context into a new one. His creative ideology stems from concepts of delusion, surrealism, futurism and experimentation, providing an alternative way of seeing regular things. 

This project explores the intricacies of black female hairstyles, and how the different variations create identity; it brings to focus how a simple form can morph into complex, intricate patterns and designs. The project is a fusion of images, sounds and motion, which underscore the concept of life as indefinite continual progress – one that we cannot wrap our minds around. It also challenges the concept of time, which I believe is a human construct used to explain the continuity and motions of things, recorded to create a sequence that can help predict the future.

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