Marcio Button Creating Afro-Collage & Brazilian Digital and Graphic Art

Marcio Button Creating Afro-Collage & Brazilian Digital and Graphic Art

Marcio Button is a digital artist, graphic designer, and animation student based in Brazil.

Brazilian artist Marcio Button stands out as a leading figure, engaging audiences with his balanced fusion of technology and creativity. Through his detailed digital creations, he provides a gateway for viewers to explore worlds where dreams materialize and emotions resonate profoundly. Known also as Acid Button, Marcio is a respected digital artist from Brazil. His distinctive style, referred to as “spatial psychedelia”, draws heavy inspiration from electronic music, psytrance, science fiction, and the psychedelic community.

His work could be described as African digital collage. African digital collage is a vibrant and dynamic art form that blends traditional African aesthetics with modern digital techniques. At its core, it is a visual storytelling medium that utilizes a diverse array of elements such as photographs, illustrations, textures, and typography to create rich, layered compositions. Drawing inspiration from the continent’s rich cultural heritage, African digital collage often incorporates motifs, patterns, and symbols that reflect the diversity of African cultures, traditions, and landscapes.

Marcio, a talent that was born and blossomed in the vibrant, bustling city of São Paulo, has an artistic journey that mirrors the diversity and color of the landscapes that he beautifully brings to life in his work. His Brazilian heritage, full of rich culture and soulful expression, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for his art, adding a distinctive flair to his pieces. His passion for the imaginative world of science fiction and fantasy also heavily influences his work, pushing the boundaries of his artistry into unchartered territories.

Marcio’s attention to detail is unparalleled, reflecting his meticulous approach to his work. He has an innate knack for storytelling, which is evident in every piece of artwork he creates. He masterfully interlaces elements of nature, the modernity of technology, and the allure of mythology, creating a harmonious blend in his compositions. These elements, when combined, give birth to a mesmerizing visual narrative that captivates and resonates with viewers on a deeply profound level. It invites them to dive deeper into the world he creates, exploring the intricate interplay of themes and elements that make his work so unique.

I’ve always been an explorer, and love the idea of navigation and discovery, of exploring our universe and the universe out there, looking inside learning from what we’ve encountered. This is reflected in my art. I’m always exploring universes, planets, discoveries. Each piece is a new discovery, a new place internally and outside. I started doing this much more while social distancing, travelling, exploring, navigating into my art.

Marcio Button, Hi Arts

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