Kiripi Katembo

Kiripi Katembo

Congolese artist Kiripi Katembo begun his career as a painter before moving to what he is mostly known for, photography and film. In 2008 he created his first film with a mobile phone Voiture en Carton.  The film gained international acclaim. Since then Katembo became the first Congolese filmmaker invited to the Berlinale and has directed two short films including Kinshasa Symphony and Après la mine.

“ I am a writer who writes with a camera.”

“I hold in my hands a tool capable of showing what some refuse to consider as the appalling management of the urban environment,”

“Photography also provides a way of seeing beyond reflection as it opens up a poetic window on another world, the world in which I live.. I want each image to tell of the children born here who have to grow up surrounded by pools of water, and of the families who survive while others leave to live in exile.”

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