Ethiopian Digital Artist Binyam Wondemagegenhu

Ethiopian Digital Artist Binyam Wondemagegenhu

Binyam Wondemagegenhu, also known as Biny Adenew, is an Adama university graduate with a bachelor degree in Architecture. He is currently living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and working on Visual arts and trying to express idea’s and stories through paintings and sculptures. He also recently launched his own NFT collection Habesha Girls.

The love and passion for art work was born at Early childhood. And I was also that a child of an Artist that was a painter and a sculptor. I just loved to express ideas and stories through paintings as I was growing up. I got interested in art initially by watching others paint or as a hobby , but later on I was fascinated by the way stories and so much more were expressed through artistic works. Now that I graduated I ought to pursue this path hoping to become the best story teller of my time.

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