ruby onyinyechi amanze explorations in space

ruby onyinyechi amanze explorations in space

In its simplicity, ruby onyinyechi amanze illustrations are magical. We thought we would share some of her work for some contemporary art and illustration inspiration.  ruby onyinyechi amanze is a visual artist whose practice is primarily centered around drawing and works on paper. In a non-linear and open narrative, her drawings explore space as a malleable construct, the freedom to play as revolutionary and cultural hybridity as a mundane norm. 

amanze’s large-scaled and multi-dimensional drawings are part of an ongoing, yet non-linear narrative that employ the malleability of space as the primary antagonist. A nameless, self-imagined, chimeric universe has simultaneously been positioned between nowhere and everywhere. 

Taking roots in architecture, design, migration histories and non-nationalist politics, the manipulation of space functions as a poetic alternative to fixed identities and geographies. Navigating fictional and conflating worlds, a cohort of aliens, hybrids and ghosts play effortlessly and access magic as their mundane, yet expansive norm.

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