Vibrant Portraiture Jamaican Digital and Visual Artist Natasha Cunningham

Vibrant Portraiture Jamaican Digital and Visual Artist Natasha Cunningham

You may have recently seen your fair share of digital collages on our Instagram @africandigitalart. Digital art has recently exploded on the zeitgeist but let us remember that we have been here since 2009. A digital collage artwork may appear to be simple, just merely meshing simple graphic elements but in actual fact, it is difficult to execute so effortlessly. Natasha Cunningham’s work is STUNNING and refreshing. Her current project, A Portrait A Day delights us with various blends of visual elements, pallets, graphics, and portraitures that are works of art.

Based in Kingston, Jamaica Natasha Cunningham has been recently in Adobe Creative Cloud Global Creators. Her textures and portrait-focused work add more of what was completely missing a few years ago, vibrancy and aesthetics to digital collage. Natasha also teaches a lot about her process on her Youtube Channel.

“I’m inspired by artists and writers whose work focuses on the Black experience, what inspires them, and the impact their art makes.”

Her visual aesthetic called @aboutnatlife is a visual delight.

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