Terene: Motion Graphic Art Spectacular by Zack Adell

Terene: Motion Graphic Art Spectacular by Zack Adell

Kenya meets Lesotho’s Kommanda Obbs, this song is dedicated to an Africa without borders. A train that moves from Lesotho to Nairobi and brings us together.

Zack Adell is the visual artist behind Blinky Bill’s new single Terene featuring Kommanda Obbs. A visual delight and mixture of graphic elements, motion, film and sound. Enjoy.

We wanted to make a video that felt African on the surface level but not really pinning it down to a specific country. The sound itself was a huge inspiration and asynchronous we both wanted to make visuals that were impressive on a technical level. Creating moodboards from old african visuals like King Sunny Adé album artworks and some contemporary african art like derric Boateng’s photography to create a palette that felt balanced and right for what we were hearing in the studio. So all that combined by translating my personal preference in African art into motion was how it all came together into what it is right now. 

Zack Adell

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