Tako Universe Bridging Artistic Worlds through Character Art

Tako Universe Bridging Artistic Worlds through Character Art

Terence Ntsako Tako Maluleke also know as Tako Universe is a dynamic force in the world of visual development, character art and fine art. Born in 1995, Maluleke’s journey as a creator has taken him through prestigious avenues like Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Netflix, and Triggerfish, establishing him as a multi talented visual artist.

Malukele’s work delves deep into the heart of his community and beyond. As one of the founders of Kasi Sketchbook, Maluleke is on a mission to nurture budding artists in townships in South Africa, fostering creativity and self-expression through daily sketching. This initiative, rooted in his own experiences and upbringing, aims to empower young talents to embrace their surroundings and tell their stories through art.

In 2018, Maluleke co-founded Tribal Universe, a media network amplifying diverse voices and narratives, further cementing his commitment to inclusive storytelling and representation. Within the realm of fine art, Maluleke’s oeuvre celebrates the figurative, serving as a poignant reflection of his community’s essence. His recent forays into still life, particularly his depiction of the lily, showcase a nuanced exploration of beauty and symbolism.

What distinguishes Maluleke’s work is his distinct stylistic fusion of illustration and painterly techniques. His use of vibrant colors, intricate lines, and geometric shapes creates a visual symphony that resonates with viewers, inviting them into his world of imagination and introspection. Yet, amidst this artistic prowess, Maluleke remains grounded in his creative philosophy.

“My creative approach is deeply rooted in observation, research, and refinement through repetition,” Maluleke shares. “My figurative works intend to capture the subject’s subtle feelings, which are more often felt rather than seen.” This meticulous process underscores Maluleke’s dedication to authenticity and emotional resonance in his art.

While acrylic on canvas serves as his preferred medium, Maluleke also embraces digital tools, a testament to his background in animation. For him, digital art offers a liberating space for exploration, free from the constraints of permanence. Yet, despite his diverse artistic ventures, Maluleke remains steadfast in his artistic identity.

“My work doesn’t consciously seek to fill cultural or identity roles,” he asserts. “My practice reflects my ideas, free from overarching narratives or representational burdens. I’m just a guy making art and finding meaning along the way – but I’m a person with context, so a narrative inevitably makes its way into the work anyway.”

Terence Maluleke’s journey as an artist is not merely a pursuit of creative excellence; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling and the transformative potential of art. Through his work, he bridges worlds, weaving together threads of tradition and innovation, community and individuality. As his brushstrokes and digital strokes continue to captivate audiences worldwide, Terence Maluleke emerges not just as an artist, but as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.