South African Afrosurrealist Digital Artist vonMash

South African Afrosurrealist Digital Artist vonMash

vonMash is a young South African artist, utilising new media (mixed media) to express himself. His work is heavily influenced by African mysticism as well as his childhood experiences of lucid dreaming.

What vonMash wants his work to bring to the world, is the upliftment and eye opening perspective of who we are as Africans as well as shining a light upon our spiritual connection to the universe. He draws a lot of inspiration from his personal view of life, African aesthetics, religion, social and political issues and the cosmic universe. The work is a blend of collaged images, textures and distorted colours and shapes; breathing life to a hyper digital collaging style he coined as “AFRIDELIC” art.

Shifting the world’s perspective of Africa through my own stream of consciousness.

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