Self Taught Nigerian Illustrator Pacmartian

Self Taught Nigerian Illustrator Pacmartian

Meet Suleiman Ismail Gwadah, better known as Pacmartian, a self-taught illustrator whose journey from engineering to the world of art is nothing short of inspiring. Despite describing himself as a “reluctant artist,” Pacmartian has carved out a niche for himself in the realm of digital illustration, drawing inspiration from sci-fi, fantasy, and retrofuturism to create artwork that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

Pacmartian’s story is one of resilience, passion, and the power of self-discovery. As a child, he displayed a keen interest in drawing, painting, and arts and crafts, but like many aspiring artists, he set aside his creative pursuits to pursue a career in engineering. However, the reality of his chosen field failed to meet his expectations, prompting him to rekindle his love for art and embark on a journey of self-exploration.

“A couple of years ago, if I were to introduce myself I would have left out the part about being an artist because to be frank I never saw a future in it. I was interested in drawing, painting, and arts and crafts in general as a kid through my primary and secondary school years but I abandoned it to focus on maths and science on my way to becoming an engineer. Post University, the reality versus expectation of my chosen field was jarring to say the least….

In his own words, Pacmartian reflects on his transition from engineering to illustration: “A couple of years ago, if I were to introduce myself, I would have left out the part about being an artist because to be frank, I never saw a future in it.” Yet, fueled by a passion for creativity and a thirst for knowledge, Pacmartian taught himself digital illustration through online resources such as YouTube and artists’ blogs, honing his skills and refining his craft with each stroke of the digital pen.

Today, Pacmartian proudly embraces his identity as an illustrator with a penchant for sci-fi, fantasy, and retrofuturism. His artwork, characterized by vibrant colors, bold imagery, and a hint of the surreal, invites viewers on a journey through otherworldly landscapes and fantastical realms. From gig posters and record covers to book covers and apparel designs, Pacmartian’s portfolio is a testament to his versatility and creativity.

Some of his notable works include record covers for artists like Tay Iwar and Sute Iwar, gig posters for JazzZ, and apparel designs for Garbelife and Nakapperal. Each piece reflects Pacmartian’s unique artistic vision, combining elements of science fiction, fantasy, and retro aesthetics to create artwork that is as captivating as it is visually striking.

As Pacmartian continues to push the boundaries of his creativity, he invites audiences to join him on his artistic journey. Through his work, he seeks to challenge perceptions, spark imagination, and inspire others to embrace their own creative potential. Whether he’s illustrating a dystopian future, crafting a whimsical fantasy world, or exploring the depths of retrofuturism.

Pacmartian’s story is a reminder that true passion knows no bounds and that the pursuit of creativity is a journey worth embarking on. From his humble beginnings in Kaduna to his emergence as a respected illustrator, Pacmartian’s artistic odyssey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.