Outcasts of Jupiter: African Science Fiction Adventure Comic

Outcasts of Jupiter: African Science Fiction Adventure Comic

Outcast of Jupiter is a groundbreaking comic book created by sibling team of Shofela, Funlola and Shobo Coker. First created in 2014 the comic series is an afro-futurist comic book with brilliant illustration and creative direction.

About the comic.

Four outcasts roam the fringes of an untamed galaxy, taking on unusual jobs that challenge their unique abilities.

A thousand years into the future, earth is a very different place. Catastrophic quakes and natural disasters have devastated the planet, wreaking havoc on our civilization and swallowing whole cities as nature reclaimed hers. 

Our planet, now a harbor for outlaws, ash-runners, gangsters and vagrants, is no longer the crown jewel of the Sol System, that honor belongs to Jupiter, a hub of interstellar trade, commerce and the seat of politics. The titular Outcasts of Jupiter are just that, a group of four vagabonds deemed persona non grata on most civilized worlds, bound by a common purpose – the promise of roaming the fringes of an untamed and wild galaxy, identifying unique and unusual jobs that spark their collective interests and challenge their unique abilities. 

 We meet Stein, Sulesh and Denarii in the middle of attempting a jailbreak. The reasons for Persio’s abduction become clearer over the course of the comic’s run, but it’s up to the rest of the team to get him out of the Burj, a mysterious tower located in the courtyard of a heavily fortified clifftop palace. 

The first issue focuses almost entirely on the daring rescue attempt, and gives readers an idea of the tense and fragile political landscape of the City of Seven Faces, a web of deception and intrigue in which the Outcasts find themselves entangled over the course of the rescue.

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