Os Pestinhas: Mozambican First Animated Feature Film

Os Pestinhas: Mozambican First Animated Feature Film

Os Pestinas, also known as The Brats Movie, is Mozambique’s first animated featured film made in Mozambique and by Mozambicans. Created by FX LDA, the studio was founded by Nildo Essa and a team of architects, animators and graphic artists.

Like many African animation features, the film is a work in progress mainly due to the high cost of producing and animation. The film is set to be released in 2019.

The Brats Team is selected to the finals of an Off-road racing competition that is taking place in Tete (Northern Mozambican Province), this race is sponsored by a big Multinational company.

When they get there, they discover that Lili’s grandmother is very sick and has been poisoned by a very greedy and ambitious man who was promised a high ranking position in the company he works for, this company wants the land of Granny at all cost as it’s extremely valuable.

Conventional medicine cannot save Granny and according to local legends there is only one plant that can save her.

After the Brats get a hold of some notes belonging to the ancestors of the local doctor, they embark on the biggest adventure of their lives that leads them to one of the largest Dams in Southern Africa, the Cahora-Bassa Dam, and end up discovering a “Civilization lost in time” that will change the way they look at life and its meaning.

“By the end of 2010, my team and I had the idea of ​​creating our own characters, with the intention of producing educational material that was not tedious … We thought we could pass these messages on in a more interesting and appealing way through animation”