Ngadi Smart Sierra Leonean Digital Artist and Illustrator

Ngadi Smart Sierra Leonean Digital Artist and Illustrator

Ngadi Smart is not just a visual artist; she is a storyteller, a documentarian of cultures, and a champion of diversity. Based between Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and London, U.K., Ngadi’s work spans illustration and photography, each piece a testament to her commitment to redefining societal norms and celebrating the richness of human identity.

Ngadi’s illustrative work is deeply rooted in her desire to amplify the voices of minorities and challenge conventional notions of beauty and normalcy. Through vibrant and emotive illustrations, she explores themes of culture, feminism, and gender roles. Her art serves as a powerful commentary on how society perceives and defines these concepts, aiming to provoke thought and spark conversations about inclusivity and acceptance.

Central to Ngadi’s artistic mission is the portrayal of strong women and the diverse cultures they embody. Her illustrations not only celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity but also critique the limitations imposed by mainstream narratives. By deconstructing stereotypes and offering alternative perspectives, Ngadi empowers her audience to embrace their identities authentically and unapologetically.

Ngadi Smart’s impactful work has garnered attention and recognition on a global scale. Her contributions have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Atlantic, British Journal of Photography, and CNN, among others. Additionally, she has collaborated with organizations like the United Nations and the Mastercard Foundation, using her art to advocate for social change and amplify marginalized voices.

“My work is motivated by the representation of Black POC, their varied, vibrant and broad cultures, strong women, as well as Feminism and gender roles. I like to deconstruct mainstream society’s preconceived views of what the definitions of “normal”, “beautiful”, and “right” – especially in terms of identity and gender dynamics – are. “

Take a look at the work of Ngadi Smart, she is a visual artist from Sierra Leone who explores colorful portraiture. She is currently based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast focusing on illustration and photography.

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