Masso Awwo: An animated journey through Kampala’s Taxi Park

Masso Awwo: An animated journey through Kampala’s Taxi Park

Masso Awwo is a short 2d animation film by Ugandan animator and illustrator Duncan Senkumba. Sekumba experiments with animating the African experience.

Duncan’s work documents the African experience. Working with themes of identity, pattern, family, cultural taboos, his goal is to tell African stories the African way. He is inspired to tell stories and create art that is visually appealing, relateable to African audiences and is a proper representation of the society and culture. Using animation, he is able to challenge or work on certain topics that are difficult to talk about in African society.

“During my time in Uganda I learnt different styles of African art. These skills have helped and inspired me in my work today.Through that I also learnt the history of African art and how it contributed in the development of art worldwide. On deciding to do animation and doing research on the area, I noticed that there were a few animated works that documented the black experience, the african experience in particular.”

Duncan Senkumba

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