Lost African Identity: Rwandan Digital Artist MDD Arts

Lost African Identity: Rwandan Digital Artist MDD Arts

Mucyo Daniel Dylan, also known as MDD Arts is a visual artist from Rwanda. At an early age he found his passion for illustration, digital art and photography taking fine arts courses in his high school, Nu-Vision High School.

“My art pieces celebrate black people, culture and afrofuturism. Being open to different art forms has and is still giving me an experience on the arts allowing me to mix different art forms with my own ideas and aesthetics together digitally and create artworks.”

“Sometimes I’m unsure of what inspires me, but I’m usually drawn by my inner-me, my mood, and the moment of the day. It’s therapeutic and it’s just my way of releasing my creative spirit.
Also, my fellow independent artists inspire me to be more creative. My art shares sentiments and thoughts. I want my art to light a candle in the dark and to be a lookout for others who might need encouragement.”

“Well i would say the most icon piece to date is my art campaign ” LOST AFRICAN IDENTITY ” composed of ten pieces. The campaign intention is to reinforce the charm and refinements of the long preserved genuine African cultures and customs. Each art piece in the first volume solely speaks for the uniqueness in the traditions and more of ten African countries namely Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic and Chad. The motive: reminding our present generation that we are unique and therefore ought to hold our identity as Africans for ourselves and the generations to come.”

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