Kiboko: Illustrator and Street Artist

Kiboko: Illustrator and Street Artist

Kiboko is a London-based freelancer. We aredelighted to see a fresh side of an illustrator mixing some street art to his portfolio. Having just graduated last year with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art (also part of the University of The Arts London), Kenyan illustrator Kiboko set on to found iFreecans Collective while he was still in Uni. The Collective incorporates international creatives both working and as students who are involved in illustration and design to fashion and also collaborating with musicians, street artists, photographers and such.

Kiboko’s work at present is multicultural. Its a mix of illustrated work, live art & painting of large scale buildings and murals which incorporates street art. He as well does personal work which includes t-shirts and smaller illustrations which he sells. Mixing influences from American / Japanese style he admires the work of artists like Egon SchieleDavide ChoeMode2Sam FloresDave Kinsey founder of BLK/MRKT and 123 Klan.

In a different market and culture Kiboko has had struggles just like many artists of his kind. He mentions “with the Afrocentric content of my work not quite appealing to everyone I come across, I’ve still found my voice”, he defends the fact that the afrocentric nature of it can be seen in skateboarding, break dancing, graphic novels, capoiera, manga & anime and hip-hop.

With offering a different taste and also evolving “afrocentric” street art, I believe Kiboko is yet again another artist we can cheer on to continue in his craft as the voice he shows evident in his work is such a fresh perspective we need to keep seeing.