Juni Ba creating Afro Space Adventures an African Storytelling Comic Books

Juni Ba creating Afro Space Adventures an African Storytelling Comic Books

We are intrigued by these illustrations we found by artist Juni Ba.  Based on a mix of imagination, personal experience, and research; this personal visual development endeavor Juni Ba uses West African themes and esthetics as a basis for stories, comics, posters and all forms of visual mediums

 “When I was in my last year of art school, I decided to make comics based on West African folklore. I wanted to do it simply because that was what I was interested in, and I was even told to give it up because there was doubt among the teachers that there would be interest for this. And I kept doing it because I felt like I needed it for me. “

Kayin and Abeni

We were soon delighted to find that they are part of a comic book series that are very affordable and available for download. So far there are two issues that contain these wonderful illustrations, process sketches, and a presentation of the real life african lore that inspired each story.

“Set in a fantasy space world, inspired by Africa, this comic series follows two cousins who survived an ethnic war as children. Now, years later, Kayin and Abeni roam the cosmos, accomplishing all kinds of missions, for all kinds of clients, even the shadiest of them, in the hope to one day get revenge. As they travel and struggle, they will eventually learn more about themselves, and how complicated the world is.”

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