Fine Artist Melissa Tshikampabo Kamba

Fine Artist Melissa Tshikampabo Kamba

Melissa Tshikampabo Kamba is an illustrator and fine artists who loves incorporating her love for different cultures and people into her etherial figurative work, most often touched with gold. She loves to travel to find inspiration from different people, cultures and nature. Her goal is for people to feel empowered by seeing themselves reflected in her work.

“Tshika” derives from my middle name Tshikampabo, which translates to mean “a gift” or “what I was given”. It originates from the tribal language Tshiluba, in central Kasai, DRC Congo. It’s the name of my aunt whom I’ve been given her namesake.

Kamba is a name thats been passed down for generations from my father’s side and is my maiden/given name. I thought it was fitting to have “Tshika” at the beginning of Tshikamba which also includes the women in my ancestral heritage.

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