We are creating our own NFTs. Nandi Cowry NFT Design Community Call

We are creating our own NFTs. Nandi Cowry NFT Design Community Call

Nandi Cowry is a collection of artistically designed royal & warrior Nandi NFTs designed to revolutionize how Black creators are funded throughout the world. By collecting one of each unique digital collectibles, living on the carbon negative Celo blockchain as ERC-721 token you are a custodian of both the future of Black emerging talent and protector of the cultural legacy of African antiquities. Proceeds of the sale of NFTs will fund creator fellowships, returning African art antiquities to the community and much more. Each Nandi Cowry is “provably-rare,” as they are built from individual attributes with varying levels of rarity and base characters hand drawn by renown artist Sindiso R!OT.

We are happy to invite the entire African Digital Art family to join the Nandi Cowry NFT community call!

We are making a call to our community to co-create the Nandi Cowry NFT where everyone will be able to submit their attributes for the Nandi Cowry NFT (meaning all human skin tones Nandi Cowries) for consideration to be included in the 100 attributes that make up the variations of the Nandi Cowry NFTs.

Meet our design lead for the Nandi Cowry!

Sindiso Nyoni is a Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) born, self developed Graphic artist who has been described as a contemporary illustrator, activist, street-artist, and multidisciplinary graphic designer.

In 2017, the South African ministry of Finance began a project which, in collaboration with the South African Mint, developed a series of coin products which featured themes of freedom, democracy and culture. So we were deeply honoured to have Sindiso to spearhead our first collection of Nandi Cowry Community Collection.

Sindiso’s work was handpicked to be one of the six works featured inspired by Jordan Peele’s suspense thriller, GET OUT at The GET OUT Art Gallery | GetOutArtGallery.com

Sindiso’s original work is striking and his vivid use of color contrasted with his use of shading presents a signature of granularity & detail that embody the dichotomy of the Black creator in all of us.

Why are we doing it?

We want to promote diversity and equity through this competition and give every member of the African Digital Art Collective an equal and fair chance to benefit from defining a lasting part of Black culture.

This is also an opportunity to get creative and build unique backstories for Nandi Cowry NFT attributes that build upon one another to create cohesive identity beyond the visual traits.

Lastly, we want to provide this project and its co-creators as much visibility as possible on social media and potentially further, if the auctions get the attention of mainstream press.

What’s in it for you?

$5,000 in rewards for 100 attributes. Each contributor of an attribute selected for inclusion in the Nandi Cowry NFT series will receive a $50 honorarium paid in stablecoin, a Nandi Cowry NFT and bonus $NANDI platform activity rewards.

This is going to be an opportunity for the African Digital Art community to receive direct payment for their contribution to the Nandi ecosystem.

This is also the ideal way for you to start building your brand as a creator, if you wish to do so.

How can I take part?

We want to know the story of your Nandi Cowry NFT attribute and why you think its a necessary edition represent the Nandi Cowry tribe. It is time for you to write an awesome background story!

Submissions are open

We will then select 300 NFT attributes to enable the community to vote on your attribute and its backstory to be selected for inclusion in the Nandi Cowry NFT design.

Voting will then open and everyone will be able to vote for the attribute and story that compels them most.

At the end of the competition, we will crown the selected Nandi Cowry designers

Elements you can customize

  1. Background
  2. Character Type (Gender, Living State, Animal, Alien)
  3. Hand (finger jewelry & weapon(s) held)
  4. Hair (color, length, headgear)
  5. Nose (jewelry & expressions)
  6. Mouth (lip color, accent, expressions)
  7. Facial Hair
  8. Neckwear
  9. Eyes (color, eyewear, eye expressions)
  10. Dress (color, clothing accents)
  11. Shields
  12. Mood

Nandi Cowry is a reflection of the diversity and wealth global black culture represents. So your imagination is the limit.