The Exquisite Portfolio of Kader Diaby

The Exquisite Portfolio of Kader Diaby

Kader Diaby is a visual artist and designer from Ivory Coast. He integrates photography to his fashion line. His work is visually stunning a great blend of texture, composition and color. His photographs convey depth and it is easy to find yourself lost in the world of his images. He definitely has an incredible eye and is one to watch.

“I’m obsessed with silhouettes, the way a body reacts with the space around it, and how a colour or texture look different depending on their location… I see the various creative things I do as one big project. The way I take pictures influence my clothing designs, and the way I look at clothes influences my images.”

“With photography I address subjects such as my own individuality opposed to how we as Africans define ourselves as a whole in the present day? Where is my generation headed in this globalized world with its tendency to standardize cultures? What defines the locality of a home when our references become more and more similar. Death is a further topic I regularly address in my work. I appreciate working in collaborations with other artists and wish to do this more with people from different cultural backgrounds in the near future.

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