The Art of Alexis Peskine

The Art of Alexis Peskine

Alexis Peskine is a Parisien resident whose work is renowned for his work on race and identity issues in France. Trained as a graphic designer his artwork touches open many issues in the African diasporan community including issues on immigration and inequality.

My art is just an elaborate response to my reflections about what I have witnessed. I think my diverse background helps me understand that the problem is not White on Black hatred, Jewish on Arab hatred or Arab on Jewish hatred, the problem is hatred, or domination or anything that hampers liberty and equality.

His work naturally expresses the trauma that arises from the way society regards people who are different, whoever they may be. And although he chooses to address problems of identity, he doesn’t only focus on his own; he extends the field of action and reaction to include sexual, ethnic, nationalistic and religious sectarianism. He baulks, resists and rebels, but his main aim is to drive home nails in the coffin of ignorance and obscurantism in all its guises….His technique is unique, taking its inspiration from screen printing, Pop Art from Warhol to Chuck Close and Lichtenschtein, and Congoloses Nkisi sculpture..

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