Surrealist Digital Art by Alexis Chivir-ter Tsegba

Surrealist Digital Art by Alexis Chivir-ter Tsegba

It has been wonderful to see many African digital artists experiment with digital collage, creating wonderful mystical landscapes. Alexis is a Nigerian visual artist whose complex digital collages frame real people in magical or surreal settings.

Alexis Tsegba creates enchanting digital collages that seamlessly merge reality with magic and surrealism. Alexis’ art is a testament to her ingenuity, as she skillfully frames real people in dreamlike settings that captivate the viewer’s imagination. Her work is a profound exploration of Afrofuturism, identity, religion, and gender, presented through thought-provoking concepts. Alexis’ unique life experiences, including her educational background in law and the creative arts, significantly influence the themes of her portfolio.

Alexis Tsegba is a visual artist specialising in digital collages. As a teenager, she moved to England to study Law at the University of Reading. While she found this experience positively challenging, she yearned to be doing something more creative. She was spending much of her time making sketches, drawing and painting. In 2017, she decided to take a chance on herself and her art and applied to pursue postgraduate study in Creative and Media Enterprise at the University of Warwick. Alexis found this field much more fulfilling and soul-enriching. It was during this period, specifically while writing her final dissertation, that she began making digital collages. Alexis finds inspiration by observing. She is always looking for patterns in things, people and emotions or wandering off to strange places on her own. Her greatest inspiration is going through life as herself, observing her emotions and those of others and creating her own version of reality.

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