Sudanese Digital and Visual Artist Amado Alfadni

Sudanese Digital and Visual Artist Amado Alfadni

Amado Alfadni is a multi media visual artist from Sudan. His work comprises of his African and Middle Eastern influences.

I am an Egyptian-born Sudanese artist. My childhood was composed of two environments: the Cairene street and the Sudanese home. The relationship/ tension, between the two strongly influenced my view of both cultures. Created a condition for questioning the category of Identity and its rhetoric, its variables of nation, ethnicity, as stable category of thought, are destabilized by his fragmented biography belonging at one and at the same time to both cultures.

My work discusses the relationship between the included and the excluded, and opens dialogue on issues of identity and politics. By working with forgotten historical events and current state policies, I raise questions of power dynamics between the individual and authority on a social and political level. Giving a voice to actinic / political minorities.

The oral history, seen as stigmata in the Western colonial tradition, in the art work lays at the foundation of a post-colonial historical rewriting and discloses the possibility of a counter-discourse, a counter-knowledge, which make connections that are otherwise hidden.

My artistic practice focus on research and documentation of ignored historical events.

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