Star Wars Reimagined in Africa

Star Wars Reimagined in Africa

We have been lax in showcasing 3D animation and character design and we need to be better about this. With that said, there is an excellent instagram account @nubianmancy that is dedicated to fantasy, science-fiction, and horror artwork, stories, and information featuring characters of Black/African descent. It was through nubiamancy that we discovered 3d artist Evgeny Rusolovski who drew inspiration from Africa to reimagine start war 3d character design. He shared his artwork with us and also his process creating this character.

My character is an ancestor of ancient african tribe, the founder of clan, the guardian and patron. Nobody knows, was he born from sand melted with sunrays, or made an appearance where the sun have the other name. When he appeared, he gave people the chance to understand the language of birds and animals, to hear the whisper of wind and the song of the water. He brought the knowledge. Nowadays he is God, statuesque idol from wood, bone and iron. He rests, tranquil and quiescent. Awaits when you will strain ears.

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