Rwandan Artist Kalima Alain

Rwandan Artist Kalima Alain

Kalima Alain is an artist, creative designer, and photographer who born in the 90s in Kigali, Rwanda. At ten years he started sketching some faces from books and no one cared by then even he himself didn’t understand his talent exactly.

During his high school time, he began his art career by using creative performance courses where he would sketch characters related to the science courses. Like any other college student, he tried his best for better performance in science studies to fascinate his family as they were into science and technology careers, even though they weren’t supportive at that time he kept his interest in art till the end of college by then he devoted his life in art as a self-taught artist based on African narrative stories and culture. After connecting with the other artists, he started to enhance the new skills which mastered his art talent.

By invitation he was welcomed in a studio Gallery where he spent time learning photography and Graphic Design which helped him to earn his own drawing materials for his career in art as a freelance artist and proceeded graphic design by working with different companies.

Kalima is an ingenious artist who does art outlets his feelings and insights, “feel the arts and inspire others.” He said as it is also his art life motive.

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