Photographism Ivorian Digital Artist Marc Desiré Zahui

Photographism Ivorian Digital Artist Marc Desiré Zahui

Marc Desiré Zahui also known as deezy_pics is a photographer and graphic artist from Abijan, Côte d’Ivoire. Zahui’s bold and striking landscapes and portraiture make him a favorite. His photography continues to evoke strong emotions and portray the life, concepts and people of Abijan. His blend of graphic art and photography is what he calls photographism. He believes this blend allows him to convey positivity and a new perspective for how life in Africa is portrayed.

For me photography is not only the search for beauty and aesthetics, it is much more. As far as I’m concerned, I use photography to express my emotions, to take positions on certain subjects that affect society. Basically, I would say that my photography has a purpose. I do not do it to have fans or make a name for myself, that’s why I chose artistic photography. Through my photography I hope to be an awakener of the consciousness of peoples still indoctrinated. And change the mentality of Africans and youth.

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