Occupations in Mozambique

Occupations in Mozambique

Photographer Filipe Branquinho captures the daily working lives of the residents of Mozambique. Occupations presents the inhabitants of Maputo hard at work.

The first idea was to photograph the urban working people in their environments and to move away from the cliché of rural Africa. At the beginning, my subjects were public service employees, but I quickly realized that there were other interesting professions to photograph. So, I began to work on different professions that fit the social group such as athletes, firemen, domestic workers, etc. However, I also included homeless people, kids, guards, etc. This made me understand that I was not only photographing professions but, mostly, I was trying to capture how and where these people occupied their time and the environment surrounding them. The title “Occupation’s” has a double meaning: it is simultaneously the people and what they do for work, and the scenario where it takes place.

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