Nigerian Sculptor Osaretin Ighile

Nigerian Sculptor Osaretin Ighile

Osaretin Ighile is a creative Nigierian artist born in 1965.

“My art is deeply, socially conscious, drawing from the artistic heritage of my people, the Benins in Nigeria, my experiences as a black man and African immigrant in New York and my profound desire to create. After having lived in Brooklyn for many years, I’ve come to recognize we all have common threads.The direction of my sculpture over the years has been re-purposed materials as a way of giving voice to my personal convictions. In working with rope in particular, I noticed the polarizing nature of rope as a noose and its historical context. Rope remains an ugly symbol of the American past and yet it is highly accessible. I find it paradoxical that that something so simple and ordinary can have such power. These materials have symbolic presence that engage the viewer, as do the many other materials that I use in my creations.”

Osaretin Ighile was born in 1965 and was predominantly inspired creatively by the 1980s. The generation of artists that grew up in, and took inspiration from, the nineteen eighties was influenced by a period of rapidly growing global capitalism, political upheaval, notable wealth discrepancy, global mass media and distinctive music and fashion, including electronic pop music and hip hop.


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