Nigerian Nostalgia Project

Nigerian Nostalgia Project

In Case You Missed It. We love this project! Started a while back, the Nigerian Nostalgia Project has now become a successful archive and digital community project of photography that captured daily life in Nigeria between 1960-1980.

The Nigerian Nostalgia Project was created on Facebook to take advantage of the vast benefits provided by such social networking sites in reaching large numbers of people within a relatively short period. It serves as a place for the estimated 6 million Nigerian users online to gather and piece together through commentary and discussion, the fragmented history of our collective recent past. In the Group, pictures are posted from a variety of sources that highlight lifestyle, achievements, values, thought processes, and standards that existed in Nigeria prior to 1980 in contrast to what holds today. This is an interactive and emotional experience for the group participants as it emphasizes what is perhaps a basis for our national pride. Parts of our history are neither comprehensively documented, nor part of the standard education curriculum nor generally understood. The group activities add value by reconnecting many people to the ideals which were present prior to, and at the inception of, the independent Nigeria. They are critical to any effort to motivate the Nigerian population as the country strives to rediscover its identity and confidence, and position itself for sustainable future growth. The Nigerian Nostalgia Project groups are managed by administrators who devote their time to moderating posts and discussions, driving new membership, sourcing and posting photographs and videos, researching facts, and locating documents relevant to Nigeria. To visit or join the group on Facebookclick here.

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