NFT Workshop At AfricaNXT Lagos 2022

NFT Workshop At AfricaNXT Lagos 2022

NFTs have the tools that empower Africans to tell their history and stories on the Blockchain, where it’s permanent and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. This is a chance Africa cannot afford to miss, and the AfricaNXT team admiringly recognizes it.

AfricaNXT Lagos 2022 has several Crypto Art sessions that will feature professionals from different backgrounds discussing the technology and its significant upshot for the creative industry. You can’t afford to miss sessions like African Creators in the Digital Future: A Focus on the NFT Space; NFT Utility and Community: The Future of African Heritage and Cultural Preservation; Disruptive PR in the Imminent Metaverse Era; Adopting Innovative Mediums Like NFTs to Further Connect with Audiences in the Creative Industry, Minting Music: NFTs Potential to Disrupt the African Music Industry,  and others throughout the week-long conference. 

African Art and NFTs

African artists have repeatedly been under-appreciated. Although they are equally as competent and talented as their counterparts in other parts of the world, they lack a global market to sell their work. Weak Intellectual Property Laws have also resulted in the abuse of these artists’ rights, some of whom end up not benefitting from the sale of their work. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) provide a solution that preserves African culture and legacy and protect them from exploitation. Without hesitation, black artists are interestingly taking advantage of this technology to make a living and put Africa on the world map on their terms.

Africa Blockchain University (ABU), in collaboration with African Digital Art (ADA), in their shared vision of deliberately onboarding more black artists, is running an NFT Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop for African artists at AfricaNXT. The workshop targets artists, musicians, photographers, and other creatives who want to explore the fusion of art and Blockchain technology. The workshop aims to aid artists in comprehending NFTs adequately and employing it to bring their works to a global marketplace and secure their intellectual property rights. Through hosting a ToT, the organizers hope to enable the participants to train other artists in their organizations and communities. The workshop will host 50 participants with international facilitators who will provide an immersive process of comprehending Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, understanding NFTs & minting, and applying branding & storytelling In NFTs. 

Following the workshop, participants can join the Network of NFT African Artists (NaNa) at no cost to share ideas, success stories, resources, and experiences regularly. The network is a forum for artists to develop themselves and their network. ABU and ADA are working with black artists to build a movement of NFT African artists to create wealth and secure the African heritage. The organizers provide tools and networks for artists to seamlessly enter the NFT market without worrying about the intricacies of the space.

Shaping the Future

Africa Digital Art, an international award-winning digital platform and archive created to develop a network of black artists, has featured projects and artists from Africa and worldwide since 2009. ADA has highlighted outstanding ideas, individualistic creations, and insightful designer solutions by the African creative. Today, ADA continues to highlight black and African creators and is truly pushing digital boundaries by creating an African digital cultural marketplace for the world – Nandi. ADA will launch the Nandi Marketplace, the leading African cultural marketplace for digital goods, including collectibles, physical art certifications, gaming items, and digital fine art, backed by the carbon negative Celo Blockchain.

In a similar vein, the Africa Blockchain University works to engage an expansive range of stakeholders from Civil Society, Business, and Academia to state institutions to ensure the maximization of the potentials of Blockchain Technologies across the continent. The university’s motivation is to use Blockchain Technologies to unearth vast opportunities for Africa and its people, with a mission to inspire entrepreneurship abilities in Africa by equipping Africans, especially the youth, with Blockchain opportunities.