Mayowa ‘Shutabug’ Alabi: Capturing the Essence of Nigerian Culture Through Digital Art

Mayowa ‘Shutabug’ Alabi: Capturing the Essence of Nigerian Culture Through Digital Art

Mayowa ‘Shutabug’ Alabi is a talented visual artist who engages in various artistic disciplines such as graphic designing, photography, and animation. Alabi hails from Lagos, Nigeria, and his art is a stunning fusion of digital paintings that exude authenticity and originality.

Alabi’s artistic journey began in 2017, which turned out to be a year of great significance for him. He won the European Union/United Nations Women Gender Equality Picture It Comic & Cartoon Competition, which not only paved the way for his artistic career but also solidified his position in the world of digital artistry.

Since then, Alabi has made an indelible mark on the art scene with two solo exhibitions held in Lagos and Nairobi. He has also collaborated with numerous renowned brands such as Meta, Uber, and Desperados. His talents have even found expression in literature, as he contributed as an illustrator for Kim Chakanetsa’s book, “Africana: An Encyclopedia of an Amazing Continent.”

Alabi’s artistic roots run deep, and he remarks that art has always been an integral part of his identity. He draws inspiration from his homeland, Nigeria, particularly from Lagos, the bustling commercial capital, which encapsulates the rich tapestry of Nigerian culture. According to Alabi, Lagos is a melting pot where representatives of over 250 Nigerian ethnic groups converge. Despite its western influence, Lagos’s diverse populace has given rise to a culture that resonates with every Nigerian, regardless of their origin.

Moreover, Alabi’s commitment to showcasing Nigerian culture goes beyond the traditional mediums. He once designed stickers that reflect the nuances of Nigerian communication for the online platform Hype, which was a unique challenge he embraced with enthusiasm. The stickers he created for Hype offer a glimpse into the everyday interactions of Nigerians, inviting people from all over the world to partake in their rich cultural tapestry. Drawing inspiration from the gestures and slang prevalent in Nigerian communication, Alabi meticulously crafted each sticker to encapsulate the essence of Nigerian colloquialism.

Mayowa ‘Shutabug’ Alabi is a creative force to be reckoned with, blending tradition with modernity to create art that resonates on a global scale. Through his work, he not only celebrates the vibrancy of Nigerian culture but also invites the world to join in its rich tapestry of expression. His dedication to artistic innovation remains a testament to the power of creativity in bridging cultural divides.

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