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nandi, an African digital cultural marketplace built for the world.

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Pushing Digital Boundaries for African Creators to Develop an Ecosystem of Prosperity

African Digital Art  is Africa’s largest creator community and we’re building the foremost cultural marketplace for digital goods, which include collectibles, physical art certifications to gaming items & digital art, and other items backed by a blockchain. These digital goods have brand new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, liquid, and usable across multiple applications. We’re building a brand new economy from the ground up based on digital ownership.

What is nandi? 

nandi is our collective curated marketplace built by our community of digital artists. We are building a culture wallet for digital and physical items, built to leverage blockchain technology for African creators. nandi will soon enable all African creators, galleries & brands to mint their digital goods and manage their communities of supporters and collectors. 


How does it work?

nandi handles the minting of digital items & digitizing certificates of authenticity for physical items, which includes fine art, sports memorabilia, live event tickets, and limited edition drops from music to fashion brands. We then issue an NFT that represents ownership of that item, allowing anyone to purchase, transfer or exchange it. Creators & brands will be able to directly interact through the nandi Dashboard.


What can I do with the NFT?

Collectors can list and resell the item via auction, take out a loan against the cultural goods in their wallets, or redeem the physical goods with our merchandising partners, who will ship it to the collector. 


What are the fees?

nandi doesn’t charge anything to creators on the platform and we cover the expensive gas fees required for minting. Collectors pay marketplace fees (2.5% for digital & 35% for digital certificates of physical goods) and royalties on resales of items.


Will African Digital Art still be a community?

African Digital Art is and will always remain an artist driven community first.  We will always remain focused on telling our own stories and sharing our rich legacy of culture, art and technology. For our creator members by holding nandi  in your wallet or as a Founding Member with the purchase of the nandi Cowry NFT. Unlike other marketplaces, our platform is community & editorial content driven to provide collectors context around the African creator ecosystem. Our members will enjoy exclusive access to drops, community only content, in person events and African Digital Artist robust catalog.


Why is African Digital Art building nandi?

Our vision is to economically empower the thousands of digital artists and creators we have featured for the past 12 years and beyond. We want to design healthy African digital ecosystems that empower African creators. We continue to push digital boundaries in order to  create better realiities for African creators. Together we believe we can create a sustainable model for African global digital culture. nandi ’s Marketplace is one of many new creator tools, products and services that we will launch to enable African creators & brands to broaden access, deepen direct relationships with their audiences & increase transparency.

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