‘It’s All in My Head’ – Etinosa Yvonne Explores Trauma in Nigeria

‘It’s All in My Head’ – Etinosa Yvonne Explores Trauma in Nigeria

Etinosa Yvonne (b. 1989) is a self taught documentary photographer from Benin, Nigeria. Etinosa’s work focuses on underreported societal issues as it affects the everyday Nigerian and society at large. Etinosa leverages on the immediate impact of photographs to shed light on issues that she is passionate about. When Etinosa is not on assignment, she takes her time to work on personal stories.

In the last twenty years, Nigeria has witnessed an increase in #terrorism and violent #conflicts#Survivors of these conflicts have witnessed the most violent acts been meted out on them, their loved ones and in some cases all that they own.

Over the years, these survivors find a way to rebuild and adjust to their new lives. However, many of them never get to talk about their experiences. Thus, a lot of these survivors go through life burdened with thoughts of the things they witnessed and all they lost.

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