Graphic and Textile Art by Yeko Creative

Graphic and Textile Art by Yeko Creative

Marjory Yeko, a Ugandan graphic artist, has carved her niche in the art world with her mesmerizing creations that seamlessly blend traditional motifs with contemporary aesthetics. Her exploration of textiles, graphic art, and print is represented in her unique style. Her portfolio features bold and contemporary concepts seen on prints and textiles all over Uganda. With each stroke of her digital brush, Marjory invites us into a world where colors dance, stories unfold, and emotions run deep.

These monochromatic illustration celebrate East African graphic art’s diversity. African motifs are showcased through intricate patterns and geometric precision. Against a backdrop of swirling lines and interlocking shapes, a mosaic of cultural symbols weaves tales of heritage and identity. Elements ranging from the graceful curves of traditional symbols to the rhythmic repetition of tribal patterns reflect the rich tapestry of East African traditions. Geometric and organic motifs intertwine, resulting in a visual feast inviting viewers to explore African artistry’s depths. As each line is meticulously crafted and each shape is imbued with meaning, the illustration stands testament to the region’s enduring creative legacy. With its detailed attention and bold expression of African aesthetics, this illustration vibrantly celebrates the diversity and vitality of East African graphic art.

Marjory’s artwork reflects the kaleidoscope of experiences that have shaped her identity as a Ugandan woman navigating the complexities of modern life. Her pieces often feature bold, intricate patterns reminiscent of traditional Ugandan textiles, interspersed with contemporary elements that speak to the ever-evolving nature of culture and society. Through her art, Marjory seeks to challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and spark conversations about issues close to her heart, such as gender equality, environmental conservation, and social justice.

I have always been creative, or rather always had an eye for textures, color. During my degree I just started doodling & the doodles turned into these pieces I now do!”

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