Godiva Omoruyi Nigerian Artist Creating Digital Art Everyday

Godiva Omoruyi Nigerian Artist Creating Digital Art Everyday

Godiva Omoruyi is a digital artist and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work is easily recognisable for his unique use of his specific color palette mainly using blues and oranges. He recently challenged himself to creating digital art everyday for the next 217 days as a form of continuing his exploration into digital art using graphic art and photography. 

To bring my visions to life, I use photography and photoshop as a medium to paint out my ideas. For this project, I chose two color palettes, Blue and Orange. Blue is a representation of serenity and using this color was a personal reason to create an atmosphere of tranquility when my audience view my work, while orange captures the warmth and connectivity of my work.

As an artist, I’ve always wanted to explore the boundaries of my creativity, craft, and own ability to think out of the box, then I decided to start the project 217, where I create digital art for the next 217 days, beginning from May 25th 2022. Project 217 of making art every day is a form of self-discipline and training for my mind to create and think fast within a given time. I started this project was inspired by two artists, Beeple Crap and Xeus Imagery.

My work focuses on self-love, self-identity, peace and conflict, and societal subjects.

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