Fighting Anxiety through Illustration: The Jellyfish Series

Fighting Anxiety through Illustration: The Jellyfish Series

The Jellyfish Series is a project by digital artist Marcia Annor who used illustration to battle her anxiety.

I used to have very severe social anxiety/paranoia. In this series my paranoia is represented by jellyfish because of their movements. On the outside they appear very calm but once out of water, a fish panics, moving very rapidly. This signifies how my thought pattern keep changing at a different pace depending on how paranoid I am. The jellyfish head represents the chaos in my head and the fact that I always feel like I’m being watched and very out of place, whiles having a human body signify that it’s also part of being a human being.  The fact that I can’t swim also adds to this. Jellyfish are my favourite sea creatures!”

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