Featured Artist: The Ally Green

Featured Artist: The Ally Green

Ally Green is a POC photographer that was born, raised and currently lives in Houston, Texas. She is a self taught photographer whose main focus is capturing portraiture and live music/artists. Ally is full of optimism, big dreams and lots of adventure. She’s had a passion for photography since the age of 5.

What does photography mean to me; It’s my passion; It’s my perspective; It tells a story; It captures things you cannot see with the naked eye. The side most people don’t see in themselves. That beautiful person inside and out.

After going through many of Kodak disposable cameras and several trips to the local Walmart to get them developed as a kid. At the age of 12 her parents bought her a 16mp Fujifilm SLR and she used it to the best of my ability. Later upgrading to professional photography equipment.

Ally is self-taught in retouching, multiple video and photo editing softwares including; Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premier Pro CC and Capture One.
As of 2019 Ally has photographed several artist including; Kali Uchis, 6lack, Anderson .Paak, Reason and Jay Rock and Collaborated with the brand Target to promote their mens clothing line.

Photography is an art form that brings out the best in me; It keeps me in a lighter place, It’s my stress reliever.

Looking through a lens, seeing the world in a better way. To capture that moment and envision all of the things you could create out of a single image whether its a person, place or thing is something so beautiful. That’s the best part of photography.

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