Edification: Exploring the Effects of Technology on African Society

Edification: Exploring the Effects of Technology on African Society

Photo Series by Alun Be.

Edification is an exploration of the impact of technology on society. The intention of this exhibit is to provide a visual narrative of faith in a digital future in which humanity teeters on the cusp of fully merging with technology. Through his photographs, Alun Be extends an invitation to an open discourse on the fate of humankind.

While the subjects photographed are specific to the African continent, the nine themes explored can be understood as universal rites of passage. Alun’s photographs build upon themselves and crescendo in a thought-provoking anachronism; from the first image of enlightened play to the final image, the realization of our fullest personhood in the state of absolution. The result is a series of ethereal images, which possess a painterly quality that places them between still life and eschatological prophecies.

Edification can be expressed as the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually.

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