Discovering Photographer Zohra Opoku

Discovering Photographer Zohra Opoku

Zohra Opoku is an Accra-based versatile artist whose work employs media including installations, photography and video to explore the sophistication of textile cultures in disparate spaces targeting fashion’s political and psychological role and socio-cultural dynamics in relation to African history and individualistic or societal identities.

This experience enroots her aesthetic practice into sculptural modules as her [in]direct social commentary as seen in THE BILLBOARD PROJECT, composed of big scale installations of second-hand clothes which were displayed in central Accra. She is employing metaphors of repetition and disguise in her portrait series TEXTURES and SIDESPECIFIC presented in specifically identified locations.

“There’s always a little bit of contradiction. I have a permanent search for belonging, through my passion for speaking the truth, speaking my reality and staying authentic, which comes from deep within me. In the end I bring different influences together, it’s a process. Most of the time I feel it is my advantage to be enrooted and to keep the drive of moving and learning about my identity and expressing it in my work.” 

Zohra Opoku

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