Contemporary Visual Artist: Kgalalelo Gaitate

Contemporary Visual Artist: Kgalalelo Gaitate

Kgalalelo Gaitate is a self-taught female South African visual and corporate artist. From the very tender age of three, her parents and crèche teachers noticed an embedded creative nature which she was encouraged to nurture. Teaching herself to draw, from various disciplines such as observing television cartoons, colouring books, illustrated story books, magazines and actual people, she finally began to draw in pen, as she found this medium to be much more striking than pencil. Honing her gift at the National School of the Arts High School, she was then exposed to various media, i.e.: watercolour, gouache, oil paint, etching and marbling. Much of her subject matter is inspired by the subcultures of South Africa. Her works comment on various aspects of numerous subcultures throughout the South African Terrain, addressing the country’s social issues and celebrating its diversity. She is most passionate about empowering minority female artists, to be able to live comfortably while art is their primary source of income.

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