Brazillian Muralist and Visual Artist Bianca Foratori

Brazillian Muralist and Visual Artist Bianca Foratori

Bianca Foratori is a 30-year-old visual artist, born in Jundiaí, São Paulo, and currently resides in the capital. She has a degree in Design and Fashion Business and is a graduate student in Art Education. Her research investigates the intersections between personal issues such as family memories and identity, with collective, sociocultural, and historical processes. 

The demarcation of the physical and symbolic space that it occupies in the world, as an individual and as a collective, are the starting points. Her work revolves around the representation of racialized women, family histories and Brazilian aesthetics, seeking to rescue origins and enhance cultural aspects and manifestations, with an emphasis on the contribution of Afro, indigenous, and their hybridisms. Experiments in the most diverse languages ​​of the visual arts; drawing, painting, muralism, collage, photography, lambe-lick, sculpture, illustration, among others.

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