Augmented Reality & AfroSurrealist Motion and Digital Artist Vince Fraser

Augmented Reality & AfroSurrealist Motion and Digital Artist Vince Fraser

Vince Fraser has been described as an AfroSurrealist artist because his works cover a diverse field of Digital Art. The London based artist specializes in 2d vector work, photomontage, image-manipulation, 3D modelling and Augmented Reality. With 20 years of experience in digital art, his portfolio has grown along with new digital technologies. Vince Fraser also has a background in interior design which allowed him to cultivate an understanding of both 2D/3D space. It is only natural that Augmented Reality would be his latest venture. It is as if this new medium was made just for him. Vince Fraser is not afraid to experiment with motion, interaction and design creating these magnificent afrosurrealist artworks.

Technology adds an impactful element of storytelling to my work. Immersive media completely changes how we interact with the world around us. Artists can build deeper emotional connections and brands can connect in a more meaningful way with their customers. With augmented reality, we can merge digital content with the physical world to create and deliver next-generation experiences. The impossible becomes a new reality, and the only limit is our imagination.

– Vince Fraser | Art & Activism with Afrosurrealist Vince Fraser

His recent project We Rise Above is his response to the Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020.

We Rise Above | ARTECHOUSE x Vince Fraser

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