Akan Essein Nigerian Fine Art Photographer

Akan Essein Nigerian Fine Art Photographer

Akan Essien is a Nigerian fine art photographer who uses colored lighting as a painting tool to capture the essence of his African roots and Futurism. He intertwines colored lighting and innovative 3D/CGI technology, offering an unparalleled fine art luxury experience.

Essien was born and raised in Nigeria. He studied Mechanical Engineering in College and while doing that realized he had a passion for photography. He enjoyed creating beauty and fashion images inspired by his background and roots in Africa. This prompted him to get his first camera, and he has been shooting ever since.

Essien is currently a commercial photographer and educator. His work focuses on fashion, beauty, and portraiture. His love for bold colors and beauty can be seen in editorial magazines and advertising campaigns.

In addition to his commercial work, Essien also creates fine art photography. His work is often inspired by African culture and history, and he often uses colored lighting to create surreal and dreamlike images.

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